Come Home

by In Favor

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released March 17, 2015

Recorded with Geovanni Montecillo at The Institute of Production and Recording

Mixed/ Mastered by Jared Lockrem

Jaxon Nutt- Guitar
Jordan Givens- Bass/ Vocals
Tyler McMunn- Vocals

Drums were tracked by Jason Neymeyer
Lead Guitar was tracked by Troy Wyman

Piano on Her Heart Beats written by Jared Lockrem

Artwork by Jason Neymeyer



all rights reserved


In Favor

A hardcore band out of Minneapolis, MN.

In Favor is:
Jaxon Nutt- Guitar
Troy Wyman- Guitar
Tyler McMunn- Vocals
Jordan Givens- Bass
Alex Wells- Drums

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Track Name: Four Months
I will see you soon buddy, I will see you soon
October 31st, of 2002
You were taken away
From your family
Speaking with the homeless (downtrodden), we never thought we’d find
Patterns of, inhumane desire
Seeking shelter (within each other), true human compassion
Transparent for, everyone involved
Our pain, we’ll share in the future
It will, always be in our past
For a parent should never, have to bury their child
Nobody deserves, to lose a loved one
My dear friend, you will forever be missed
They are leading lives, of misdirection
Delusional thoughts, keep their intentions alive
What goes through a man’s mind?
What brings (murderous intent?)
What motivated you to
(Harm an innocent man?)
Forced to walk home
He was, cold and fragile
(Incoherency) had plagued his thinking
He was all alone
That darkened autumn night
I was unaware, of what was happening
I was too young, to comprehend the situation
I’m so sorry, I could not help you in your (time of need)
(That day will never be the same)
A somber-evil night, is all that remains
Your body was found, on February, 27th
You are gone, just twenty-one, but you will always be in our memories
We’re taking this day by day
We were terrified
To see, what became of, you
Track Name: Abductor
How broken, can a person be?
Your life is wasted
The crevice, you've created
Has swallowed, you whole
Dark, red, eyes, are lurking from an alleyway
Ending human life, is the pursuit, in mind
Blood, is their only, desire
God, tell me why, we deserve, forgiveness
Jesus, your love, must overcome this
God, teach me
Track Name: Her Heart Beats
You’ll never find love
In a computer screen
Skin on skin, one sided
(God save her)
Are you so lonely?
You’re getting off on something
Villainous and vile
There’s no cognitive function
No consequences
For this behavior
You cannot comprehend
Her pain and suffering
She’s just a worthless object
Created for your enjoyment
So just sit back and relax
While she does it all again
Just a naïve, little girl
Now owned by ignorance and
What do you think it is like to be raped constantly?
This industry is built on misogyny
This industry is built on pedophilia
Perplexed and confused
She doesn’t know, she doesn’t know
She doesn’t know her own name, anymore
What do you think it is like to be raped constantly
This industry is built on misogyny
This industry is built on pedophilia
She’s not your property
She is a human being
You have an addiction
Your brain’s rewiring
She’s not your property
she is a human being
You may be dead
But Her heart's still beating
Her heart is still beating